9jacribs first time property

First Time Property Buyers Checklist

Buying your first Property could be a very tricky one, especially considering how expensive the prices of properties are in Nigeria at the moment. Use the 9jaCribs First Time Buyers checklist below in order to quickly find out some things you should look out for when choosing your first dream home and ensuring you get the best deal.

Get connected

Timing and information is everything when buying a home. To make things easier for yourself, set up search and property alerts on a property website such as www.9jacribs.com. This will inform you when a property in your target area and price range becomes available and will allow you to act swiftly.

Also, in order to see how much properties in your target area are actually selling for you can check out the (http://www.9jacribs.com/price-register) price register :

Be organised

You will almost certainly have to view a lot of homes before you find the perfect one for you. Keep a record of the properties you view by taking your own photographs and recording the important details of each of these, ideally in a spreadsheet or using any form of notepad you are comfortable with. Here you should also keep notes on the property and updates on the bidding.

Know your area

It’s important to do research and get to fully know the area you are considering buying your house in. As with every region, there are often bad parts of ‘good areas’ and good parts of ‘bad areas’. If you have kids, it may be important to check school or creche accessibility e.t.c.

Be realistic

A rising house market in Nigeria is once again starting to push people looking to buy further out of the cities. Accepting and being realistic about what you can afford, where exactly you want to live and adjusting your expectations can result in a better deal and a happier buying experience.

Never mind the decor

Try and look beyond dodgy paint colour choices and bad bathroom designs. All of these can be fixed once the place is yours. Plus, it may enable you to get a better deal as less savvy buyers could allow elements like these dissuade them.

Concentrate on what's important

It’s vital that you concentrate on factors which really affect the price of a house including: closeness to facilities, schools, transport and shops as well as condition, location, size and potential to rent. Despite what you might think from the sweet-peech given to you by the Realtors, gardens aren’t as important.

Don’t rush in

If you are really interested in a property, don’t be tempted to rush in and bid about the asking price. By doing this, you’re just driving the price up. However, at the same time, don’t be afraid to make an offer. At this stage, you are not legally bound and in the event anything unwelcome arises, you can opt out.


For the cost of a few thousand Naira, this is a worthwhile investment. Not only will it bring to light any issues which may need your attention once you do buy the property, it may be required by some lenders as a lending criteria and it will be a valuable asset should you wish to resell and move up the property ladder.